A very lazy day in Mykonos

A very lazy day in Mykonos
Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

I could probably sum up the day in a sentence, but I’ll try and drag it out at least a little bit.
The breakfast buffet was just as sumptuous as yesterday, plus some of our party managed to sneak a few bits of meat to one the cats that was hanging around.
After that I was able to get on to Mum & Dad via FaceTime for a good chat and to show them my surroundings. It was good to hear that all’s well back home.

After that we headed down to the beach – this time I went around the long way to try and avoid ‘that sinking feeling’. There are umbrellas set up everywhere to provide at least a little bit of shade – provided you buy at least one expensive cocktail to cover the cost of what is effectively beach chair rental. And yes, this was a pretty free-and-easy European idea of beach time. Boobies and willies and bums, oh my! All shapes and sizes of people were there and nobody bats an eyelid. And no, I did not partake – I stayed very much clothed, trying to keep the punishing sun at bay. I spent my time there reading a book on my phone – making sure I had my finger covering the camera lens at all times, lest anyone thought I was there for the wrong reasons. On the way back we went along the beach front, trudging slowly over wet sand – getting a bit miffed that everyone else seemed to glide upon the waters like Jesus whereas every step I was up to my ankles in sand and rocks. I guess this is what happens when you weigh too much and your feet aren’t big enough. Anyway I did make it back in one piece.

The others hung around the hotel pools but I was keen to get out of the sun (after all, we computer nerds are a bit like vampires in that regard), so I headed back to the room. It was still being cleaned, so I spent 15 minutes on one of the (indoor) hotel lounges reading my book, when along comes Queen Elizabeth (the cat not the monarch), and sits at my feet. After a few pats she dozed off, then woke up and sat up on the chair next to me. Aww… I still have the skills with the ladies, as long as they have four feet, whiskers and a furry tail 🙂

Dinner was at the hotel restaurant – which, for a hotel, was reasonably priced and pretty darn tasty. it’s a full moon tonight so it was quite a treat watching that rise up dramatically over the hill while we dining on the restaurant terrace. It was about this time that whole hill is lit up as well, making for spectacular sight. Apart from Queen Elizabeth, it’s the only other thing I took a photo of today.

That about rounds up this very quiet day in Mykonos. Tomorrow is (already) our final full day here.