Last day in Mykonos

Last day in Mykonos
Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

It’s our last full day in Mykonos – and it started out as one of the slowest. I don’t have anything much to report until about 3:30 in the afternoon, when we headed out to “Jackie O’ on the beach” – a much bigger and fancier arrangement than the other Jackie O’ near the main port.
This place was awesome – it overlooked ‘Super Paradise Beach’, the tunes were really pumping (as the young folk used to say), it was just a really good, positive atmosphere.

Then, who turned up but our new Leichhardt friends George and Mary! It’s a small world, and Mykonos is a small island. Was great to catch up with them again and have a good chat. The couple from Newtown that the other boys met down the beach were there too, so it was all a bit of a school reunion, well, if you’d left school like two days ago. There was also a couple of lads from London, so it was great to get a heads-up on some good places to visit.

And it would be remiss of me to mention that yes, there was also a hell of a lot of eye-candy. Both for ladies and gentlemen of whichever persuasion. I guess its one of the places the ‘beautiful people’ hang out, but luckily they let me in as well 🙂 We drank delicious expensive cocktails and ate some good (also expensive) food – then moved over to the pool area, where a drag performer did her thing – and id it well, performing against a backdrop of mountains and ocean… sure was one hell of a stage for someone to lip-sync to a couple of show tunes.

Strangely for the Mykonos party scene, this places closes down around 10, so we left a little before. Originally we were all heading back to the hotel (including taking Mary & George back as well), but the Intrepid Travellers were in the mood to be Intrepid Party-ers on their last night in Mykonos, so after a bit of convincing the hotel bus driver dropped them in the middle of town. Happy to be the boring one, I headed back to the hotel, ready to start packing everything up because we leave tomorrow.

Mykonos has been a bit of a mixed bag – the hotel is wonderful, the island is less beautiful than Santorini, but there are places like Jackie O’s that have a really wonderful, friendly vibe. So, it’s definitely been a very enjoyable few days. Tomorrow, everything shifts gears – from the tranquility of chilled-out Mykonos, straight into the hustle and bustle of giddy London… it’s going to be a bit of a culture shock (and a temperature shock), but I am so looking forward to it.

(Sorry not too many pictures today, having a minor technical difficulty and a major lack of patience 🙂 )