Venturing away from the hotel

Venturing away from the hotel
Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

After all the grandeur and fanciness of yesterday’s arrival, I figured breakfast would probably also be a pretty sumptuous affair. Sure enough, i was not disappointed. A huge buffet with meats, cheese, hot things, cold things, cereals, juices, etc, etc … and even decent coffee. Oh and staff wandering around asking if we’d like a glass of strawberry juice. That’s a new one.

Suitably stuffed full of breakfast, we decided to wander down to check out the beach – the good part is apparently at the end opposite to our hotel.

Now, walking along a sandy/rocky beach is, in my opinion, one of the most frustrating exercises known to mankind. So after maybe 20 metres of soggy sand, sharp rocks, and almost slipping over – then seeing just how far I still had to travel, I was just hating every second of it so I turned back. The others stayed a while longer, enjoying a lack of drinks service (boo) but beautiful weather (yay) and apparently lots of european-style beach nudity (boo or yay depending on your attitude to such things). I was very productive, and had a big nap back at the room after wandering through the hotel taking a few happy snaps of the decor:

During my wander around the facilities I (almost literally) bumped into a nice couple who hail all the way from Leichhardt. There’s a surprising amount of Australians both here and in Santorini. Had a good chat – they had only arrived today, and they’re visiting Santorini after Mykonos, so boy are they in for a treat.

At 6PM we all piled into the free shuttle bus provided by the hotel, and took the half hour ride onto Mykonos central. We had a look at the famous bars Babylon and Jackie O’s. Apparently these places don’t really come alive until about 1AM – so forgive me if I’m not around for that. We had an excellent dinner at The Captain’s – recommended by a couple of ladies that the others met from the beach. They were all the way from Newtown. It’s a small world in Mykonos! Like most restaurants, this one also had a cat, so a little bit of the meat from my hamburger accidentally fell on to the floor once or twice. Maybe three times.

We wandered the (very narrow) shopping streets of Mykonos – I think some of these would have been too narrow for even one donkey to fit. But unlike Santorini this was all very level, with lots of fancy boutiques. I guess the rich folk go to Mykonos more often than Santorini. Of course while wandering the streets, we bumped into Mary & George from Leichhardt – they’d already chatted with the rest of the gang even before I met them, so it was good to catch up and have another chat.

The bus back to the hotel leaves at half past the hour, every hour. We figured 10:30 was a good time to be returning. So, it seems, did everybody else staying at the hotel. It was a bit of a mad rush to get on the bus, luckily we all scored a seat and didn’t have to stand the for half-hour journey back. Of course, Mary & George were on the same bus – not sure who’s stalking who 🙂

We had another cocktail at one of the hotel bars once we returned, a suitable way to finish the day.