Hello, Mykonos

Hello, Mykonos
Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

We started the day by saying our fond farewells to the owners of the hotel in Santorini. OK, not quite true, we really started the day with brekky closely followed by ‘holy crap how am I going to fit all this stuff back into the suitcase’. I swear I’ve only bought a few meagre souvenirs but my bag feels 10 kilos heavier. Lugging it up the stairs and the steep driveway was of course loads of fun.

Eventually we were on our way, one the same twisty treacherous-looking road we were driven up only a few days previously. We were running a little ahead of schedule (always a good thing!) so we had time for a break, and I enjoyed a proper Greek coffee. Although I guess it was only 90% of the proper Greek coffee experience, as nobody was available to read the coffee grounds in the bottom of the cup and tell me my fortune. But hey I can take up that task myself, today… by staring into the mystical coffee grounds I can sense the universe is trying to tell me something..something about travel to exotic faraway lands…

In other words, about 20 minutes later the ferry arrived to take us all to Mykonos. Although there are some things here that run on ‘island time’, the arrival and departure of ferries is definitely not one of them. We were all corralled in our departure lounge, er, shed before the boat arrived, and I knew all the people departing the ferry were similarly rounded up in the hold, ready to be ejected the very moment the doors opened. The departing passengers all took to the ramp like fat kids to chocolate cake, they were quickly chased out by the cars that also had to get out of there as quickly as possible, all accompanied by the whistles of the coastguard and ships crew making sure nobody was foolish enough to stop for just one more selfie – it was all go, go, go.

Just as the last of the passengers were departing (with cars still coming down the exit ramp at the same time), our shed full of people were unleashed, and off we went, hurried along again by the crew, ensuring the shortest possible turnaround time for the ferry. As soon we were onboard it was a scene of unmitigated but energetic chaos – unintelligible announcements echoed through the hold, as did several few members all shouting different directions, so ensure we all put out luggage in the right place, and went to the correct area. One thing I did hear quite clearly was a very strident shout to the stragglers – “Hurry up! The boat is leaving NOW” and sure enough I swear the last passengers were still running across the ramp as it started to lift and before we knew it the journey was underway.

We found our way up to the ‘VIP Area’ – which sounds very posh… and I’m sure it was, maybe some time back in the late 70s. The shiny gold-and-smoked-glass balustraded stairs lead us to the beautiful gold-tinted mirror ceiling tiles – luxury at its finest, once upon a time. Much to my surprise, there was no sudden outbreak of the Solid Gold dancers doing a Donna Summer number … but it felt like it could have happened. Decor aside though, it was still comfortable, though with the high-speed ferries being much more enclosed than their slower cousins, there wasn’t much in the way of a view out the windows.

The four hours passed by very quickly, and included visits to two other ports on the way. But before we knew it, it was time to be corralled down into the hold again, ready to be all spat out onto the shore as fast as possible. We did as were told like so many cooperative sheep, and were soon on the shore, ready to play that fun “which one of these 5000 people holdings signs is the one for us?” game. This time it was a lot smoother than arriving at Santorini – we found our guy in a few minutes, didn’t have to dodge half as many cars or busses, and it wasn’t long at all before we were all bundled on a very fancy and comfortable Mercedes 20-seater, for the 20 minute ride to the resort.

Bundled in the hold like cattle again

On Santorini, when we were heading to Mykonos, a few people advised us to enjoy the view in Santorini because you won’t get it in Mykonos. And first impressions seemed to reinforce that these people were right. The landscape looked much more like a desert, very very dry, brown, and a few hardy plants here and there doing their best to survive, It’s a very different look to the volcanic appearance of Santorini. We did pass by some beautiful bays and the landscape did get a little friendlier – its no Santorini, but not what you’d call ugly by any means. The architecture is also quite different – ll the building are still white, but much more square with rounded corners – no arched roofs like Santorini.

At the resort, we were greeted as we exited the bus by a gentleman who immediately tagged our luggage and said “we’ll look after it” looks like there was to be no heavy-lifting this time – a pretty good first impression. Then we turned the corner to walk in to reception…I think all seven jaws collectively dropped as we entered a massive hall, dominated by large animal sculptures, artworks, a massive bar, fancy seating, and enormous picture windows letting in views of the beach and ocean. This place really knows how to create a first impression. While we were checking in, someone was already preparing us a welcome drink, which we took on the terrace while some poor sods carried our luggage to our rooms. Once wed downed the drinks our concierge explained a few features and facilities of the hotel, then led us all to our rooms individually. As far as service goes, these people have it pretty much perfected I’d say. This is the most expensive accommodation we’ve booked on the whole trip, and it really shows.

Next it was time for cocktails by the pool (ok, one of the pools), as you do, and a wander around to check out the facilities. I took the chance for a nap while the other spent some more time pool-side, and in the hot salt-water indoor pool in the day-spa area. Yes this place does pretty much have everything. Including quite a few stray cats – so I’m happy, as you know I do spend most of my time just taking photos of other peoples cats. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me when we peered over a ledge and saw momma cat still feeling her two kittens … pretty much a cuteness overload, hopefully I can catch a picture of them later sometime.

Dinner was at a restaurant nearby, more delicious fresh greek food, a massive mixed grill of sausage, chicken, pork, and minced beef, washed down the a lychee martini. After that was the struggle to waddle up the hill back to to hotel.. but what greeted us was the impressive site of the pool area all lit up like christmas … very impressive all over again. Coming back to our room we noticed housekeeping had been by, turning down the bed and putting some slippers by the side, another nice touch.

So in short it looks like we’re in for a a very luxurious couple of days – I’m typing this from the balcony with a cool breeze blowing, the music from the grand piano at the restaurant drifting down, and a view out to sea. This, as they say, is the life.