May 16 – Yep, it’s the ‘rona

A quieter morning – quieter in the best way, with less coughing and a slightly more restful sleep for all.

But as the title would suggest, Perry tested positive for Covid 😦 That means I probably have it too, but I’ll save the remaining tests for him for now.

We’ve moved a tour we had planned over to Thursday, in the hope we’ll be OK to travel by then – at the vaguely extortionate price of 70 euro to change a date in a system somewhere – but that’s much better than not being able to attend at all.

I went for a bit of a wander outdoors, to go to the shops for some food, and to get a little closer to one of the pretty bridges over the River Liffey that runs through Dublin, that’s about all to report today. There were some cool sculptures including a harrowing one depicting the great famine. I am guessing the area we’re staying is going through its gentrification phase, there’s a bit of local colour very close by including some cool street art.

Other than that, just lots of rest and not mixing with people. Let’s hope things are going a bit better tomorrow.

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