Stop trying to make Fetch happen! (Thursday, Part 2)

Tonight’s show is the last one we get to see on this (pretty extraordinary) trip. It’s time for Mean Girls.

Surely you know the story – it was a movie, released in 2004, starring Lindsay Lohan, about a new arrival to a High School and all the shenanigans that happen with the various cliques.

Now, some 14 years later, it’s finally been turned into the musical it was always probably just dying to be. It works so well as a musical.  Snappy, hilariously funny, and really brought up to date.  Social Media wasn’t (much of) a thing in 2004, but the story has been tweaked to bring the selfie generation on board, with a few brilliantly pointed comments that received thunderous applause from the audience.  Like, “Maybe we should just teach  our boys not to do that rather than telling our girls to be more careful”.  It follows the plot of the movie, with these embellishments, and did a great job.  Perry and I didn’t really agree on the staging – most of the sets were just video projects across the whole stage.  I thought that was, dare I say a tiny bit cheap and a bit lazy, where Perry thought it was a brilliant idea as this show really is about today’s screen-addicted generation. At least it did allow for super-fast changes of scenery to keep the story moving at a good speed.  It wasn’t just screens, there were a  props and furniture and the like, maybe I’m just being old-fashioned.

The woman playing Regina was great – her Mum was two rows in front of us, she must have been feeling super-proud … which is probably why everyone within a couple of rows of where she was sitting, knew that she was the Mum of the star of the show 🙂

The actors playing Janis (‘art freak’) and Damian (‘too gay to function’) were just brilliant, they really helped carry the show. All the iconic moments from the film where there too of course – “Stop trying to make fetch happen”, “on Wednesday’s we wear pink” and of course … “she doesn’t even go here!!”. Oh go on, watch the movie, it’ll make sense then.

At the end, there was a full-theatre standing ovation, tons of riotous applause – the crowd really got into it, it’s fair to say.  A very good show, well worth a look if you have the chance.

After it finished, the usual things happened.  It took forever to get out of the theatre, there were dozens of bicycle-rickshaw riders all lined up and ringing their bells trying to get anyone’s attention for a $3.90/minute ride somewhere.  There was that dumb person who stops in the middle of the footpath for no reason  (Is it not the case, everywhere, every time, be it a musical, a sports event, or just at the mall  …there is always at least one).  Slowly but surely, the happy crowd dispersed in to the New York night.  We did the same, but it was a bit different know that the show’s pretty much over, holiday-wise.  A bit sad to have that last walk back to the hotel, through the bustling streets, the honking taxis, the sirens, the heat, the crowds … and people still trying to sell you hop-on-hop-off bus tickets.

Tomorrow, well, it’s time to go home.

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