Day 4 – Visiting the Shire

An early start to the day (getting picked up at 10 to 7) necessitated a bit of forward breakfast planning last night.  Some savoury scones, heated up in the microwave, should do the trick.  If only the microwave actually microwaved.  So, ah, some cold savoury scones, that should do the trick!

Before long we were in a mini-van with only 7 other adventurers, on a two or so hour drive through some beautiful and ridiculously green scenery, with sheep, cows, rivers, vaguely inappropriate jokes from our driver, history lessons, you name it.

Next thing we know, here we are in Hobbiton.  I’m not a massive Lord of the Rings nerd (I’ve seen the movies, and haven’t even read the books), but it was great to see where the movie was filmed, and all the hobbit holes dug into the sides of the hills.  It was nice touch that some of that had fresh smoke coming from the chimneys, made you wonder if someone was going to pop out from being the door wandering what all the noise was about.

Delicious cider was consumed at the Green Dragon Inn, and next door in a marquee, a pretty amazing lunch was served – a huge buffet with a great selection, to which of course I paid a couple of visits.  After all that, and exiting through the gift shop (of course), it was time for a nap as we took the long drive back to Auckland.

Dinner was at the Sushi Train right next door to the hotel, which was nice and convenient, once again.

Yep sorry this is a short entry today as I didn’t start til too late in the day and I’m tired.  Ah well, look at the pretty pictures 🙂