Last day in Brighton

Last day in Brighton
Brighton, United Kingdom

Brighton, United Kingdom

Last day in brighton

One hallmark of our stay in Brighton has been a slowing down of the pace – once again we didn’t head out til after midday.

No big adventure today, we first ventured down to the Marina as it looked like a pretty big place full of shops and things to see. That didn’t quite end up being the case – but the marina itself was chock full of boats, and the white cliffs stretching out behind us were pretty – even though we’re nowhere near Dover. We did wander into ASDA though – half Coles, half Costco, and lots of good value, not that we bought anything really. We did however take a tip from one of Perry’s ex colleagues, and have lunch at Pizza Express – a bit pizza chain. Delicious especially the ‘dough balls’, little bits of cooked pizza dough, excellent with garlic butter.

The rest of the Marina shopping district was quite dead, so we moved on and visited the aquarium, the oldest in Britain I believe, established in 1872. Upon walking in we were greeted by this amazing vaulted ceiling lit up in rainbows down its whole length, I guess that’s very Brighton. It was interesting, especially the enormous sea turtles they had in the ocean take. Beautiful!

It was a very grey and windy day, which had turned to rain by the time we exited the aquarium. So we just dashed back to Morrison’s again to pick up a few things for tea. Hotdogs aren’t easy to find! But when we did find them, they were german, and delicious, worth seeking out. And of course a very easy dinner so that’s a bonus. Then it was back to the car for a short drive home.

One other thing I’v learnt about driving in the UK as opposed to Sydney – everyone is a hell of lot more cooperative. I had to turn right across a busy road and figured I’ve be waiting there for ages. But within seconds someone stopped, flashed their light tons say ‘go ahead’ and I’d quick turned across both lanes of traffic – very nice to see the art of road manners hasn’t been completely forgotten.

It’s our last day in Brighton, and it’s been a pretty sedate part of the holiday, I guess it’s good to take a moment from all the rushing around to just sit and relax a bit, that’s a it part what a holiday is meant to be about, after all. Tomorrow we have a long drive out to Bristol. Expect me to whining about traffic again in tomorrow’s entry 🙂