Harrods and Harvey Nicks

Harrods and Harvey Nicks
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Not the most action-packed day, but on holidays that’s pretty much acceptable. Excellent french toast for brekky, then a trip out the wilds of Knightsbridge to hang out with all the posh people. Yep, it’s the home of Harrod’s and Harvey Nichols. It’s quite amazing what some people are willing to spend on shoes (£6500 for a pair of sneakers), and particular watches. £180,000 for a watch is insane / obscene / both of the above, and then some. Still, guess there must be a market for it.

Harvey Nicks has equally crazy price tags, but at least it also had some of the typical cheeky London signs (attached, all being well). We didn’t exactly do a lot of shopping, though we did buy a christmas ornament at Harrods. Such extravagance!

Arriving back at Leicester Square (after topping up my Oyster card, too easy!) we went to M&M world – surprisingly it was even bigger than the one at Times square, and easily twice as busy. Mind you maybe that’s to be expected on a Saturday afternoon. Just to digress … how good is the tube?! I know many people complain about it, but so far it has been nothing but good to us – trains running every few minutes, getting us where we need to go with a minimum of fuss, they really don’t muck around. So far, so good!

We enjoyed a late lunch at our ‘local’ , the Spice of Life, then wandered to streets of Soho on a mini pub crawl, stopping at a few places for the occasional beverage. Or two.

Dinner was directly across from the road at ‘Melanie’ – delicious Italian food, gotta be happy with that.

That was about it – a nice easy-going Saturday. Splendid!