London Shopping and Shows

London Shopping and Shows
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Sep 2
Hello, good morning, breakfast was at “Muriel’s” – it was really nice, so unfortunately we couldn’t say “you’re terrible Muriel”…

Groovy decor at Muriel’s

Today was an Oxford St Shopping mission – to keep it short here’s a quick rundowns for the places we visited:

Primark (like Supre with a men’s section)
Curry’s (like Dick Smith)
USC (bit like a factory outlet)
Fat people’s shop (whose name I can’t remember but I am going back coz it’s the only place selling clothes I’ll fit into!)
Topman (relatively cheap ‘fast fashion’). (EDIT: It was called Jacamo)
G-star Raw (far too fashionable for the likes me)
John Lewis (a bit like Myer)
Marks and Spencer (good old Marks and Sparks – also a bit like Myer)

So what clothes did I buy? None! But it was fun way to spend a few hours walking up and down, seeing, as always, beautiful old buildings along the way, and I’ll definitely head back to the ‘fat people’s shop’ – to firstly find out what it’s name is, and to maybe even buy something.

My feet were definitely due for a break by then … so headed back to the hotel for a few minutes. Perry was having a nap, so this was a good opportunity to feed my inner nerd and check out the London Transport Museum. On my last very brief visit to London 10 years ago, it was closed… so I’ve been waiting a while to get back. It was good – not amazing, great, awesome … but quite interesting all the same, and it still has me wondering how people put up with steam trains operating underground. Naturally, I caught the tube there, even though it was within say walking distance. Good to know my Oyster (like Opal) card works.

Once I was done with the museum I didn’t check the maps on my phone, I thought Id just wander the general direction of the hotel and get myself a bit lost it – which worked a treat as I found my way to Leicester Square and the massive M&M World, which I’ll have to pop into if only to make some more customised M&Ms for my nieces.

Fortunately when I did find my way back to the hotel it was time for them to lay on the free wine & cheese, so I caught up with all the others and had me some good dairy product.

Then it was time for our first West End show – The Book of Mormon. We saw it on Broadway two years ago, so naturally it was very exciting to see it again, especially with all our friends who hadn’t yet seen it. It was, as before, so hilarious, an absolutely brilliant show, was so glad we had the chance to see it again – and we’ll definitely be there when it opens in Australia in 2016. Just brilliant.

So all in all another big day – only walked about 15km this time, but that was enough. I’m not sure what we’re up to tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure it won’t involve as much walking lest my feet fall off 🙂