“It won’t be long”

"It won't be long"
Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

The countdown is well and truly on. Only a few days til we jet off for about six weeks of adventure. As I’ve been saying for at least the last twelve months if not longer, “I can’t wait!”

Everything is sorted – planes, trains, automobiles, ferries – but so far no helicopters, hovercraft, segways, skateboards or bicycles (Though with Amsterdam on the list of cities to visit, you just never know.)

We’ll start from Sydney as a team of six intrepid (?) travellers, beginning our adventure in Amsterdam. Next up is a quick stop in Athens, where we pick up a straggler and become a group of 7. After a day in Athens dodging any financial drama or Drachma, we’re off to stay a few days in Santorini, followed by a few more days in Mykonos.

London is next, after which we break up the band, losing our fellow travellers as they go off on their own adventures through Paris and Berlin. We’ll be staying on in London a bit longer.

Next we’ll shift gears (quite literally) and pick up a car to drive to Brighton, followed by stays in Bristol, then Cardiff, before leaving the car and jetting off to Stockholm. Then after that it’s the part we don’t want to talk about… the end of the trip!

All this, and we only have to wait ’til Saturday. It won’t be long!